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Check Out the Many Ways to Get Involved With Y.E.C.
If you have a gift (talent) or you want to work on your talent, we have a place for you! Bands and solo artists alike are welcome to perform on our stage on the last Saturday of every month for Saturday Night Alive. If you like sound engineering or setting up stages, come work on our shows, no matter if you are polished or just starting out, we can train you. We have great music and talent on our stage each Saturday Night Alive, and you can be a great addition to our events. Help is also welcomed for fundraising or getting involved in our programs such as Deltona Against Bullying.

Here you will learn a routine that consists of a performance piece combining improvisation, ballet, modern and rhythmic dance. Dancing is a great way to express personal being. You must have the want and ability to learn.
  • Coordination
  • Technique
  • Rhythm
  • Movements
  • Body Sructure
  • Choreography

Stage Performance / Mic-Technique
These classes will benefit singers, musicians, and all artists from any style of music. Whether you’re a solo singer/dancer, in a band, a performing professional or just starting out this is the class for you.

Some things we offer are:
  • Succesfully work with any audience
  • Develop vital on stage survival skills
  • Being comfortable with a microphone
  • Hand Placement
  • What NOT to do
  • and more…

Recording Studio
A recording studio is a facility for sound recording and mixing. You can record musicians, voice-overs, bands and more. This is where the MAGIC happens. We will also be offering a professional recording master to put together your original music. This class will teach a variety of areas:
  • How to record your own music
  • Make your image come to life
  • Completely your vision from start to finish

Video can be one of the most powerful forms of communication. It teaches about multi-media communication with action and motion. Video helps reinforce a variety of other skills like:
  • Critical Thinking
  • Literacy
  • Communication
  • Story telling
  • Collaboration
  • Public Speaking
  • Composition
Some things they will learn:
  • Scripting
  • Filming tips
  • Video Editing
  • Showing your video on the web or CD

T.V. Anchors / Broadcasting
If you have a sense of communication and enjoy reaching out to the public, T.V. Journalism is perfect for you. Some things you will learn in this class are:
  • Presentation
  • Public Speaking
  • Proper Pronunciation
  • How to act infront of a camera
Students can create their own television news broadcast stories of interest to them and their peers. In doing so, they are learning about various aspects of television news production, including selecting and writing script for stories, visual content to convey their ideas and editing material to capture content. They will learn the significance, relevance, and value of the story for their audience. We are currently looking for Studio Anchors & Street Talk Anchors

Stage Set-Up
We will introduce our students to the concepts of quality stage set-up. Here we will cover the right way to immerse the student in the whole process of hands on preparation and staging of an actual concert.
An aspiring stage person should have personal qualities as well, some of these are:
  • Practical reasoning ability
  • Good organizational skills
  • Know how to stay calm under pressure
  • A willingness to want to take charge

Sound Engineer
Teaching sound engineering requires extensive knowledge of sound and music. Students are introduced to audio engineers. They will discover the types of environment they work in and exactly what they want to do day to day. Audio engineers help musicians, actors and other professionals for entertainment purposes; they also design rooms in which recordings take place.
Somet things students will learn:
  • Recording
  • Mixing
  • Production

Vocal Lessons
Here the student will learn actual vocal techniques. Providing an education balance between what singers need, and what the professional industry demands. If a singer knows how their voice works, what to listen for and how to work towards making productive changes to their singing techniques, this is a class for them.
Somet things our class ofers:
  • How to sing
  • How to specifically use their voice as an instrument
  • How to apply this to the material and singing style of their choice

Songwriting / Collaborating Music
Songwriting, like any form of writing is a creative discipline that involves communication of talent and understanding the process. We can take a student that has a raw talent for music and writing and give them the tools they need to write songs that everyone will enjoy.
We will be teaching:
  • Basic music notation
  • Song structure
  • Writing lyrics
  • Musical hooks
  • Mood & Chord arrangements

Drama can encompass every area of the stage; creative, physical, social, and communication skills that develop through sharing, drama activities. Drama also helps create confidence and self-esteem while working with others. We believe group drama sessions enrich the curriculum for all students.
Some things we will have:
  • Auditions
  • Cold readings
  • Improv techniques
  • Accents & Dialects
  • Movement